EP 37: The Bull$hit Fear of Estrogen: I’m Ranting Again

Estrogen has many protective effects, from bone and heart health to thyroid function and sexual motivation.

I can’t tell you how often I’ve put a woman on estrogen only to return, saying she felt better for a couple of weeks but decided to stop the medication. Why? Because her friends told her that estrogen causes breast cancer.

This narrative is spreading like wildfire, and it’s frankly misogynistic. Why should women have to suffer the life-altering adverse effects of low estrogen when they have an alternative? How can you say across the board that no one should use this treatment when it has improved the lives of so many people?

We’ve already done a couple of episodes on estrogen, and today I’m diving in again to get the message across that estrogen should not be feared. While it may not be for everyone, every woman suffering the effects of low estrogen deserves to make a well-informed decision about their treatment.

In this episode, I’m sharing how the “estrogen causes breast cancer” myth started, the crucial roles of estrogen in your body, why many menopausal women experience a significant improvement in quality of life with bioidentical hormone therapy, estrogen alternatives you can consider, and more. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-Why women shouldn’t be afraid of estrogen causing cancer
-What you need to know about the Women’s Health Initiative study
-The many vital roles of estradiol in your body
-We shouldn’t force women to suffer the negative effects of estrogen deprivation for decades
-How estrogen impacts the thyroid
-The potentially protective effects of estrogen against heart disease
-Risk factors associated with breast cancer
-Questions to ask people pushing a no-estrogen narrative
-Why you need to combine estrogen and progesterone
-The critical importance of vetting your sources before making a decision
-Making informed decisions about your health
-Supplements that can help with symptoms of low estrogen

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