EP 12: Does Estrogen Cause Breast Cancer?

How are we at a point where women are terrified of a hormone they’ve had in their bodies most of their lives?

Many of us have heard horrible things about estrogen and its connection to breast cancer. A lot of this public aversion stems from a study that came out in the early 2000s called the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).

The WHI was a landmark study designed to define the risks and benefits of interventions, notably hormonal therapy. Unfortunately, when journals and the media reported on the findings, they didn’t put them into the appropriate clinical context and did not mention the study’s limitations. Ultimately, this led to women ditching their hormones en masse, suffering in silence without an alternative.

Today I’m sharing what you need to know about the WHI, what the data shows about the connection between hormone therapy and the risk of disease, why we need to shift our perspective on hormone therapy, and alternatives for women who can’t benefit from estrogen therapy.

The bottom line is hormone replacement therapy is a personal choice. We have to look at the risks versus benefits, not expecting it to be a panacea for everything that ails you, but as something that could significantly improve your quality of life when done with caution.

Let’s try not to be afraid of estrogen – it’s not a bad thing.

Episode Highlights
-Why estrogen is listed as a carcinogen in the US
-Telling women across the board not to go on hormones is a misogynistic statement
-What you need to know about the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study
-The problem with how the media reported the results of the WHI study
-What are Premarin and Prempro?
-Why the hormone therapy aspects of the study were terminated early
-Positive outcomes of hormone therapy identified in the study
-Shifting our perspective on hormone therapy
-Limitations of the WHI
-Hormone replacement is a quality-of-life medication
-Considerations for hormone replacement for women with a history of breast cancer
-What the studies showed about hormone therapy and the benefits for osteoporosis prevention
-Bringing the personal aspect to the data
-The relationship between estrogen therapy and increased risk of dementia and stroke
-Detoxifying estrogen in your body
-Alternatives to estradiol for alleviating the symptoms of menopause
-My confession for estrogen replacement and breast cancer

Mentioned In This Episode
The Women’s Health Initiative
Women’s Estrogen–Progestin Lipid-Lowering Hormone Atherosclerosis Regression Trial – WELL-HART
HABITS (hormonal replacement therapy after breast cancer–is it safe?), a randomized comparison: trial stopped
Nordic Naturals ProOmega®
Udo’s Choice Flaxseed Oil
Femenessence Maca Products
Magnesium Glycinate

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