EP 10: Estradiol, Estrone, and Estriol – OH MY: Estrogen 101

Estrogen is probably the most misunderstood hormone.

The demonization of estrogen by the Women’s Health Initiative has done a disservice to women’s health and caused a lot of fear.

Between the patients who don’t want to take it and the doctors who refuse to prescribe it, many women are missing out on estrogen’s protective effects and suffering needlessly for years and years.

I want you to know you don’t need to fear estrogen.

Today I’m talking about what research shows about the benefits of estrogen, the three types of estrogen, how they’re prescribed, the metabolism of estrogen in the body, what you can do to maximize your estrogen breakdown, what I’ve found works best for hormone replacement, and more. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-Common fears around estrogen
-Setting the record straight: estrogen and breast cancer
-The three types of estrogen
-Why testing for estradiol alone is typically enough
-What you need to know about Biest and Triest
-The function and protective effects of estradiol
-Adverse effects of the demonization of estrogen
-Why estriol is no longer widely used
-The comparative strength of estradiol, estriol, and estrone
-Why estrone was removed from the market
-How your body gets rid of estrogen
-Why DIM and I3C are not suitable for decreasing estrogen levels
-How you can improve your estrogen metabolism
-Estrone’s potential for increased cancer risk
-Why I stopped prescribing Biest
-Pros and cons of different methods of delivery for estrogen
-Typical starting dosage for estrogen
-How to test your body’s estrogen metabolism
-What to do if you have low methylation

Today’s confession: hormone testing is valuable

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