EP 76: Estriol Face Creams: The New Scams and Old False Claims

“I think it’s scammy. I think it’s dangerous. And I’m saddened that many women are being lied to about these products.”

Have you seen those ads on social media for menopause or perimenopause supplements and creams that claim that they will fix all your woes? None of these products have a shred of proof behind their dramatic claims, and many of them are backed by huge celebrities promoting them like they’re a godsend for women.

The sad thing to me is that, ultimately, they’re spreading misinformation. They’re convincing women to buy the product they’re promoting or own, and most of them don’t do any good.

Today, I’m talking all about these scammy topical face creams, from those promoting the fact that they have estrogen in them to wild yam creams and those that are over the counter while exposing women to prescription-strength progesterone. Personally, I wouldn’t spend a dime on these face creams. They’re preying on women’s insecurities and giving you half-truths if not flat-out lies.

I’m not afraid to call these companies out. They’re predatory, misinformed, and, at times, can even be dangerous. As a consumer, be cautious, seek medical advice, and opt for evidence-based skincare and nutritional products. As always, if you feel like you’re being gaslit by the medical community, keep searching because there are doctors like me out there who want to help you feel better. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-Deceptive marketing tactics used by companies promoting menopausal and perimenopausal supplements
-Potential dangers associated with the use of these products
-What you need to know about estriol and the ineffectiveness of estriol-containing creams
-My take on Musely’s Aging Repair Cream and Alloy’s M4 Estriol Face Cream
-The confusing meaning behind the term “research-backed”
-Why wild yam creams are one of the biggest scams in women’s health
-What research tells us about the effectiveness of topical progesterone creams
-The hidden dangers of using over-the-counter progesterone creams marketed as moisturizers
-Calling out the predatory tactics used by these companies
-What you can safely do to feel better and look better

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