EP 77: Hormone Testing 101

Confession: You are being lied to about hormone testing and, in many cases, you’re either not being tested enough or being tested way too much.

There are many “hormone experts” out there, and the information they share is often wildly contradictory. From providers who say hormone imbalance doesn’t exist to those who only want to see results from a specific day of your cycle, how do you filter out the valuable insights from the noise?

When it comes to your hormones, I always say, “test, don’t guess.” Today I’m sharing everything you need to know about hormone testing so you can be empowered when you go to your OBGYN, naturopath, or whichever provider you prefer to see. We’re talking about the pros and cons of different hormone tests, how you can determine which tests to ask for, details about how testing is done, how to spot red flags, and more.

Highlights of the episode
-Why a rigid approach to testing doesn’t make sense
-The right time to test your hormones
-Why hormone testing is crucial
-Red flags that suggest your provider isn’t a hormone expert
-The problem with saliva testing and the cases where it’s worth it
-Pros and cons of serum/blood testing
-Hormones and proteins I prefer to check through serum testing
-How DUTCH tests work
-Advantages and disadvantages of urine testing
-Why I believe DUTCH tests are overused

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