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EP 39: Top Health Myths: Don’t Let Grandma Listen

“Starve a fever; feed a cold!”

Whether it’s from grandma, a friend, or the internet, a lot of health-related advice is passed down through generations or amplified through social media. There’s a reason they persist – they seem logical and sound like good advice, so it’s easy to assume they’re true.

Some are harmless but ineffective, while others might stop you from living your best, healthy life. Today will be a fun episode where I’m breaking down the most common medical myths and sharing the sometimes surprising facts. Enjoy the episode!

Myths Busted In This Episode:
-Egg yolks are bad for you
-Eggs are one of the best sources of protein
-Cholesterol is not the problem; it’s the inflammation
-Coffee can stunt childhood development
-If you eat a lot of carrots, you’ll have better night vision
-You need to consume vitamin A alongside fats for better absorption
-Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis
-The “crack” comes from the popping of bubbles in the fluid in your joints
-Addiction is a choice
-Some people are more predisposed to addictive behaviors
-Bottled water is better than tap water
-Tap water in most US municipalities is pretty healthy and palatable
-Energy drinks have brain-boosting ingredients
-Most of the time, these are just marketing gimmicks
-Eating right before bedtime makes you overweight
-There’s no magic hour when you shouldn’t eat
-Crunches give you six-pack abs
-You have to be extremely lean to have a six-pack
-Tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy
-It’s probably the carbs, not the turkey, that’s making you sleepy
-Chocolate causes acne
-Chocolate is an aphrodisiac
-The flu shot gives you the flu
-Starve a fever, feed a cold
-Cold, wet weather will cause you to catch a cold
-You should apply deodorant first thing in the morning
-Your fingernails keep growing after you die
-The bigger you are, the less healthy you are
-Yogurt, fat-free snacks, and veggie chips are healthy foods
-Gluten is bad for you
-Weight training makes you bulky and manly
-The more muscle you have, the longer you live
-You have to complete a certain number of steps/reps for exercise to be worth it
-Sitting is the new smoking
-Women’s Health
-Women don’t get heart attacks until they’re older
-The #1 cause of death in women is heart disease
-Estrogen causes breast cancer
-If you’re breastfeeding, you can’t get pregnant
-Cranberry juice cures UTIs
-Mammograms cause breast cancer
-You must get a pap smear every year
-Cervical cancer is genetic

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