EP 4: Working It With The Betty Rocker: Essure, Exercise, and Energy

All too often, it’s women who bear the brunt of medical device failures.

A major example is Essure, which came on the market in 2002 as a female sterilization device. It was sold to physicians and patients as a non-surgical, FDA-approved option that could be inserted without much downtime. Sounds good, right?

That’s what many of us thought at first, but by 2016, many women reported issues, and I started removing them. At the end of 2018, Essure production was stopped, and the distributors took it off the market.

Today Women’s Fitness and Nutrition Coach Bree Argetsinger, also known as The Betty Rocker, joins me to talk about her experience with Essure and ultimately having it removed. In this episode, we talk about her decision to try Essure, how she realized that it was the source of health issues she was experiencing, how you can benefit from a health team, her Essure removal experience, and more.

About Bree Argetsinger, The Betty Rocker
Bree Argetsinger, The Betty Rocker, is a C.H.E.K. (Corrective Exercise and High-performance Kinesiology) certified Exercise Coach, a Nationally Certified Structural Integration Practitioner (realignment of the body through manual therapy), an ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) certified fitness nutrition practitioner and an all-around fitness motivator and champion of personal growth.

She is the founder of Rock Your Life, an online fitness studio with live streaming home workout classes, 30-day Challenges, healthy recipes, and an empowering women’s fitness community. Over 3 million people worldwide have taken her now famous free 30-day #makefatcry Challenge.

Bree works with people all over the world, helping them transform from the inside out. She’s also the host of, The Betty Rocker Show, a podcast where she talks about the 4 Pillars of Health (sleep, nutrition, stress management, and exercise) and the many ways you can rock your body and your life.

Highlights of the episode
-Bree’s long history with hormonal birth control since age 14

-The attractive promises of a future with Essure

-Why so many women and their providers felt confident about Essure

-The three types of patients who encounter issues with Essure

-How exposure to black mold ultimately led Bree to dig deeper into Essure side effects

-The unusual circumstances around Essure being taken off the market

-Why the main components of the device and its mechanism of action can be problematic

-How we connected after Bree’s recognition that Essure was at the center of her issues

-Major issues that occur due to botched Essure removals

-How I approach Essure removals after performing over a thousand via laparoscopic surgery

-Managing the mental and emotional aspects of losing a part of yourself

-Bree’s post-op and recovery experience

-Why it’s important to be health conscious instead of body conscious

-How an “all or something” mindset will help you to reach your goals more consistently

-The faster healing Bree experienced after her Essure removal

Connect with Bree Argetsinger
Bree Argetsinger’s Website
Bree Argetsinger on Instagram | @TheBettyRocker

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Rock Your Life

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