EP 66: The Hormone Balance Bible and The SHINES Protocol

“Your normal is different than everybody else’s.”

There’s so much misinformation out there about hormones. The misunderstanding of the Women’s Health Initiative findings did massive damage to women’s health. It basically ruined an entire generation of physicians who now buy into the false narrative on the dangers of hormone replacement.

Today I’m doing a review episode all about my book, The Hormone Balance Bible. I wrote the book not for you to read from cover to cover but so that you can look at the relevant sections as you go through certain stages of your life. In The Hormone Balance Bible, I break down the 12 hormonal archetypes and what to do to start the healing journey for each one.

For this episode, I’m talking about how you can start figuring out which archetype you are, the characteristics of each type, symptoms you might be noticing, the kinds of women I see in my practice for each archetype, and more. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-What I’m sharing today about The Hormone Balance Bible
-The concept and creation of The Hormone Balance Bible
-How I came up with the twelve hormonal archetypes
-Why it was important to me to include processes with which women could heal themselves
Archetype #1: The Queen – Estrogen Dominance
-What estrogen dominance actually means
-Symptoms of estrogen dominance
Archetype #2: The Unbalanced Heroine – Progesterone Deficiency
-The benefits of progesterone (even if you don’t “need” it)
Archetype #3: The Mother – High Estrogen, Low Progesterone
-Characteristics and challenges of the highs and lows of The Mother
Archetype #4: The Wise Woman – Menopause
-Why I encourage the Wise Women to share their knowledge and experiences with younger women
Archetype #5: The Workaholic – Excess Cortisol
-Characteristics of the Workaholic
-Finding balance is essential for avoiding long-term adverse effects
Archetype #6: The Saboteur – Low Cortisol
-How the leadup to the crash tends to play out
-Most women will experience periods where they don’t take care of themselves
-Why I find this archetype to be the hardest to treat
Archetype #7: The Nun – Low Testosterone
-The prevalence of low testosterone in women
-The negative effects of low testosterone when it comes to energy, libido, and mood
-Why I think this is the most common archetype
-Getting past the fear and misunderstandings surrounding testosterone in women
Archetype #8: The Warrior – High Testosterone
-The causes and side effects of high testosterone
Archetype #9: The Underdog – Hypothyroidism/Subclinical Hypothyroidism
-Symptoms of hypothyroidism
Archetype #10: The Overachiever – Hyperthyroidism
-Understanding hyperthyroidism
Archetype #11: The Chairwoman – Estrogen Dominance + Excess Cortisol
-Why we often have to tackle the healing process incrementally
Archetype #12: The Philosopher
-The medical system’s poor treatment of menopausal women
-Increasing your awareness around predatory hormone replacement options and supplements

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