episode 29 confessions of a male gynecologist

EP 29: Bad Breasts: Breast Implant Illness And Gaslighting with Candice Barley

It’s not all in your head.

As you probably know, I’m a firm advocate for the removal of foreign bodies and foreign materials, particularly within my practice with the Essure coils. Many women go through a long journey to have the problem acknowledged and often spend years dismissed by doctors. A big part of this podcast is about patient advocacy and empowering you to stand up and speak your mind regarding your health.

Today I’m joined by actress Candice Barley, who has become a patient advocate after her harrowing experience with breast implant illness. Within a few months of getting breast implants at age 24, Candice started experiencing extreme chronic fatigue, which her doctor dismissed as a side effect of having two young children. From then on, Candice experienced one issue after the next, with increasingly debilitating symptoms, until she connected her implants and her illness. Almost immediately after her explant surgery, everything began to improve.

In this episode, Candice shares her journey with breast implant illness and explant surgery, the symptoms many women experience but never connect to their implants, the dismissive response most women receive from their doctors, what to do if you think you might be experiencing breast implant illness, and more.

Breast implant illness is a relatively new topic, and many people in the medical community still shrug it off. If you have breast implants, you’ll get a lot of insights from this episode and the resources on Candice’s website. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-The first signs that something was wrong
-Candice’s repeated saline ruptures and implant exchanges
-Escalating health and hormonal issues after each procedure
-Misinformation about the safety of silicone implants
-How Candice made the connection between her implants and ongoing illnesses
-Why it’s crucial to remove the capsule in explant surgery
-Candice’s rapid symptom reversal after explant
-Why many doctors won’t make the connections between these symptoms and breast implants
-The ongoing lawsuit between women and the breast implant companies
-The emotional and psychological impact of implant removal
-Where to start your journey if you are considering removing your implants
-Critical considerations for a post-explant protocol

Connect with Candice Barley
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Candice Barley on Instagram | @olisticolife

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