EP 58: Supplement Quality and Efficacy Unveiled: Wisdom from Industry Insiders

“The most expensive dietary supplement is the one that doesn’t work.”

Whenever I go on Instagram, I’m inundated with ads from supplement companies. They all make crazy claims about what they can fix, and I’m skeptical.

The regulation of the supplement industry is complex, and consumers are faced with labels filled with acronyms and terms that are more confusing than anything else.

So, how do you know what’s good and what’s not?

Today, I’m very excited to be joined by James Frame and Dr. Deanna Minich from Symphony Natural Health. James and Deanna are breaking down the industry jargon and sharing insider tips for how you can begin finding the right supplements for you.

In this conversation, we talk about manufacturing practices, product quality, certifications, the importance of clinical evidence, the need for personalized supplements, how to become an educated consumer, what to think about when evaluating the credibility of products and companies, and more. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
– James and Deanna’s backgrounds and experience in the supplement industry
– Understanding the different types of claims on dietary supplements
– Regulations in the manufacturing process and labeling of dietary supplements
– Product vetting as a consumer and how different retailers curate the products they sell
– Potential issues and considerations when using proprietary formulas with multiple ingredients.
– The trend toward personalized supplements
– Breaking down acronyms and terms you may find on supplement labels
– Why Symphony decided to start testing for microplastic contamination
– The relevance of low FODMAPs in dietary supplements and the type of testing done
– Why you may want to look for companies following EU standards
– Issues associated with products produced by third parties
– Challenges of differentiating between products with similar formulations
– Why third-party doctors’ recommendations and results from clinical practice are key
– What makes a study a good study
– The significance of having a medical team to provide support and guidance in determining the best supplement protocol for you
– How different packaging makes a big difference between products
– Industry organizations that work to protect consumer interests
– Why testing is essential
– Preconception health and preventing specific genetic issues from being expressed in children

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Medical Disclaimer
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