EP 35: Endometriosis- Taming the Monster with Khush Sra

Endometriosis is a debilitating condition affecting millions of women worldwide, yet many go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for years.

Early diagnosis leads to better outcomes and improved quality of life. As part of our Endometriosis Awareness Month series, I’m joined by holistic health coach Khush Sra today. In addition to being an Endometriosis Nutritionist, Khush has personally suffered with endometriosis and was diagnosed around 20 years ago. She knows the ins and outs of endo, not just from a practitioner’s perspective and as a woman and a patient.

In my practice, I’ve found the best approach to treating endo is multifaceted and covers multiple angles. Many surgeons who are excellent at removing endometriosis tissue don’t have a plan for preventing recurrence beyond prescribing the pill. This is where nutritionists like Khush can come in and provide additional tools and expertise.

In this conversation, Khush and I discuss her journey from years of deteriorating health with severe endometriosis to being completely symptom free, her approach to working with endometriosis patients, the importance of understanding the individual when creating a treatment plan, and more. This interview was one of my favorites so far, and I believe this is one of the most important topics we’ve discussed. I know you’ll get a lot of value from what Khush shares.

Episode Highlights
-Khush’s endometriosis diagnosis and deteriorating health despite multiple surgeries and medications
-The recognition that the traditional medical path wasn’t helping
-Pushing through fear and guilt without enough resources
-Characteristics of the four stages of endometriosis
-The isolation that comes with invisible illnesses
-The pivotal moment when Khush decided to take back her life
-Helping other women as a nutritionist and holistic health coach
-Having a health team is the best approach
-What it’s like to work with Khush
-Holistic healing with endo
-Khush’s recommendations for intermittent fasting with endo
-How you can start prioritizing yourself
-Why it’s essential to work with someone who can customize a sustainable program with you
-Khush’s message for women in the early stages of endo

Connect with Khush Sra
Khush Sra’s Website | KhushSra.com
Khush Sra’s Holistic Endo Healing Series | Endo Workshop
Khush Sra on Instagram | @EndoNutrition

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