EP 22: The Power Of Progesterone and The Unbalanced Heroine

Progesterone is the great calmer. It’s the hormone responsible for pregnancy and is probably my second favorite (right after testosterone). With its central role in the menstrual cycle, I’ve seen progesterone help many women in my practice.

In my book, The Hormone Balance Bible, the archetype for progesterone deficiency is the Unbalanced Heroine. It’s a common archetype associated with insomnia, irritability, and feeling out of control. Unfortunately, in the media, they are often portrayed as the stereotypical “hormonal” woman and are typically cast as the mean girl or the laughing stock.

For today’s episode, I’m sharing what progesterone deficiency typically looks like, how progesterone levels fluctuate over the four stages of the menstrual cycle, what you need to know about testing and hormone replacement, and how Unbalanced Heroines can get back in balance using my S.H.I.N.E.S. protocol. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-Understanding the Unbalanced Heroine archetype
-How progesterone levels change throughout your menstrual cycle
-A patient story: Anna, the Unbalanced Heroine
-Why I look at the estrogen-progesterone ratio
-Common symptoms of progesterone deficiency
-Why creams containing wild yam are a waste of your time and money
-Why I don’t prescribe pregnenolone
-Famous Unbalanced Heroines and cultural stereotypes
-How Unbalanced Heroines can use my S.H.I.N.E.S. protocol to get back in balance
S: Spiritual practices
+Improve heart rate variability with emWave® by HeartMath
H: Hormonal modulation
+Bioidentical progesterone
+Why I prescribe different formats (oral vs. topical)
+Potential side effects and contraindications
+What you need to know about over-the-counter progesterones and beauty products containing progesterone
I: Infoceuticals
+Essential Oils
N: Nutrition
+Increase fiber, zinc, vitamins B6, C & E, magnesium
+How to increase these nutrients in your diet
+Do seed cycling
E: Exercise
+Choose the types of movement that best suit your physical and emotional needs
+Consider trying Pilates and Aikido
+Why I always recommend walking
S: Supplementation
+Magnesium glycinate (400-800 mg/day)
+Vitamin C (250-500mg/day)
+Zinc (15-25 mg/day)
+Vitamin B6 (10 mg/day)
+L-Arginine (3-6 g/day)
+Vitex/Chasteberry (400 mg, 2-3 times per day)
+Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL)
+Valerian root (100-200 mg taken about 30 mins to 2 hours before bed)

Dr. T’s Confession: “I’ve taken progesterone”

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