EP 21: Feminade and Affordable Hormone Testing: Roya Pakzad, CEO

“Honor your body. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s because it’s not right.” – Roya Pakzad

Being in control of your health is empowering but often, that’s easier said than done. High deductibles, restrictions on insurance coverage, and the cost of working with functional medicine practitioners are just some of the barriers that prevent women from accessing the full range of testing and modalities that could provide them with the help they need.

Today I’m joined by Roya Pakzad, CEO and founder of Feminade, to talk about women’s health and hormones and how the medical system has minimized women. After dealing with hormonal imbalances and nightmare experiences in the traditional medical system, Roya was determined to create a platform that gives women answers. From that mission, Feminade was born.

I’ve been involved with Feminade as a medical advisor since Roya planted the seed in 2019, and it’s been fantastic to see it evolve into what it is today. In this conversation, Roya and I talk about why most women would benefit from annual hormone testing, the problems with access to appropriate testing and understanding the results, why Feminade has been life-changing for so many people, what you can do to support the women-led uprising in Iran, and more.

About Roya Pakzad
Roya Pakzad is a fierce doer with the mind of an engineer and the heart of an advocate. When she sees something that needs fixing, she doesn’t just raise a flag. She starts a company. Her interest in helping all women take charge of their hormones is personal. When she was 19, Roya had severe cystic acne. She was miserable and wanted answers. Instead, she got a 5-minute visit with her gynecologist and a prescription for birth control pills–a band-aid solution. No explanation of side effects. No alternatives. She felt dismissed. Her mother and several girlfriends who suffered from their own issues–painful and heavy periods, PCOS, infertility–also felt dismissed by their doctors. Roya dedicated the next decade to finding a more holistic approach to addressing hormone-related symptoms.

This journey led her to many naturopathic and functional medicine doctors–some who didn’t take insurance, but who listened to her story and helped her get to the root cause of her symptoms. Along the way, she discovered protocols that balance hormones instead of masking them. And because she wasn’t satisfied with simply healing herself, she founded Feminade to make holistic healthcare that targets hormonal imbalances accessible and affordable for everyone with a uterus.

Episode Highlights
-Roya’s repeated negative experiences with doctors, starting with her first visit to a gynecologist at age 19
-The motivation and inspiration behind starting Feminade
-Highlighting the problems of affordability and access to quality healthcare
-Getting started with Feminade’s extremely accessible options for at-home testing and telehealth
-What to expect once you order a test kit from Feminade
-The markers tested in Feminade’s hormone testing kit
-Why most women will benefit from proper hormone testing at least once a year
-Women who aren’t good candidates for these test kits
-How the initial consultation and follow-up visits with Feminade’s naturopathic doctor work
-What you need to know about the current women-led uprising in Iran
-How you can support the movement in Iran
-Roya’s message for women getting minimized by the medical system

Connect with Roya Pakzad
Feminade Website | Feminade.com
Roya Pakzad on Instagram | @royapakzad
Roya Pakzad on Twitter | @pakzadroya
Feminade on Instagram | @feminadeinc
Feminade on Twitter | @feminadeinc

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