Your BEST LIFE is ahead of you!

I’ve designed a 7 Day Hormone Reboot just for you. With this first-of-its-kind program, you’ll receive:
Private Membership
Support from Dr. T
Daily Text Reminders
Daily Emails
Mindfulness Videos
Secret Facebook Community
Daily Worksheets
Journal Coaching

In 7 days, with this Reboot you’ll reset your daily practices — whether you are at home, in your car or out and about— and this online program will help you:

1. Improve Sleep
2. Enhance
3. Elevate Mood
4. Balance
5. Self Care

Shawn Tassone, MD, PhD

Here’s how we’re going to do it:

The 7 Day Hormone Reboot was created as a comprehensive and practical guide empowering women to pause and take charge of their bodies and lives.

Drawing on the experience of helping over 40,000 woman Dr, Shawn Tassone offers inspirations on getting one’s “Life House” in order through body balancing foods to heal and nourish. Including gentle ways to boost energy as well as health through self-care practices.

Most women with hormonal imbalance have no idea many of their symptoms are linked directly to their hormones — even when they have symptoms like these: Weight gain Irritability and/or moodiness Skin issues Hair loss/unusual hair growth Fatigue/loss of energy Sleeplessness IF this is YOU, trust me when I say, it begins with stress, environment and awareness. This hormone reboot is designed to reduce the harsh impact your daily routine is having on you. It also offers a reset on the way you perceive caring for yourself. It may seem slightly different than other programs and this is a good thing. This one-of-a-kind 7 day system is designed to positively restore balance into your life. It is diet-free, drug-free, simple and self-directed.

The result is a true 7 Day journey of awareness empowering women to trust their instincts throughout the 7 Day week while helping them embark on a healthy and more vibrant path.

Ready to Reboot Your Hormones?

 CLICK HERE: 7 – Day Hormone Reboot 

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