EP 87: Bioidentical vs Synthetic Hormones: What, How and Why

In this episode, Dr. Shawn Tassone discusses the difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormones. He explains that bioidentical hormones are structurally similar to the body’s hormones, while synthetic hormones are structurally different. He also delves into the history of hormone replacement therapy, including the use of pregnant mare’s urine and the marketing of Premarin. He dispels myths and misconceptions surrounding bioidentical hormones and emphasizes the importance of understanding the differences between bioidentical and synthetic hormones.

Episode Highlights:
-Bioidentical hormones vs synthetic hormone structure
-Bioidentical hormones and the FDA
-The use of the term ‘bioidentical’ as a descriptive term, not a marketing term
-Understanding the differences between bioidentical and synthetic hormones

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