EP 72: MY KIDS: Second Born Hunter: Adaptation, Persistence and Medical School

We’re back for part two of this special series of interviews with my kids. Last week, you heard from my oldest- and only daughter – Hannah, and today, I’m talking to my oldest son, Hunter.

Hunter is 28, and the only one of my children who decided to go into medicine, and he’s currently in medical school. Hunter was born in Oklahoma City during the third year of my residency in 1996. Probably the most adaptable of the four, his mother and I divorced when he was young, and later, in the sixth grade, he came to live with me and his stepmom, Katie.

In this conversation, Hunter and I talk about his childhood and education, philosophical views on free will, Hunter’s decision to pursue medicine, his aspirations to specialize in psychiatry, and more. I’m so thankful to Hunter for having this conversation, and I’m so proud of him for his accomplishments and resilience. Thanks for your support, and enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-Hunter’s memories of living in Oklahoma and Arizona during his childhood
-Moving to Austin during high school and Hunter’s adaptability to new environments
-Hunter’s interest in studying consciousness and his goal of going to medical school.
-Debating the concept of free will and Hunter’s favorite philosopher
-Hunter’s experience applying to medical school
-Preparing for the MCAT and improving your application
-The difference between MD and DO degrees
-The history and techniques of osteopathic medicine
-Why there’s a lack of utilization of osteopathic medicine despite the extensive training involved
-Hunter’s interest in psychiatry and anesthesia
-Our experiences choosing a career path
-The emotional toll of a career in oncology

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