EP 70: Hormone Harmony for Younger Women – Balancing Hormones Without Taking Hormones

“Hormone balance is the catchphrase for younger women.” – James Frame

When you’re looking at perimenopause and post-menopause, the goal is to stop the hormone fluctuations or to replace hormones that have been lost. For younger women, the focus is reinvigorating the biofeedback mechanism to balance and regulate their hormone production.

Unfortunately, being younger means that many doctors are more likely to simply put them on birth control to mask any period problems they’re experiencing without investigating the root cause. That can have knock-on effects that make it harder to regain balance as they age.

So, what can you do to support your hormones and relieve period problems if you don’t want to be on hormonal birth control?

Today, I’m joined by James Frame and Dr. Deanna Minich from Symphony Natural Health. James and Deanna are discussing the importance of understanding the body’s natural cycle, the potential adverse effects of birth control pills, the uses of maca and the properties of its different phenotypes, the importance of hormone balance for conception and healthy pregnancy, the benefits of Femmenessence for younger women, and more. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights:
-How maca can help younger women by addressing the root causes of their symptoms
-Breaking the stigma around the menstrual cycle
-The benefits of women being more open about their cycles and seeking help earlier
-Why it’s essential to have a regular menstrual cycle
-Variations in lipids and nutrients throughout your menstrual cycle
-The role of hormone metabolism and detoxification
-How environmental contaminants impact the endocrine system and reproductive health
-Using Femmenessence to detoxify and alleviate menstrual disturbances
-The problem with the way birth control pills are used as a band-aid solution without deeper evaluation
-Why we need to teach young girls to listen to their bodies from an early age
-Coming off of birth control and getting your body into its best state for preconception health
-Herbs that are used for cycle regulation
-How the Femmenessence formulations differ for younger women and post-menopausal women
-How different maca phenotypes have different physiological effects on the body
-Exploration of the various systems that can be supported with maca
-Recommendations on the use of Femmenessence during pregnancy and breastfeeding
-Where to start if you’re having problems with your period
-My experience with endometriosis patients using Femmenessence

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