EP 65: Breasts and Iodine: Violet Daily and Beautiful Breasts

“We all need to be paying attention to the health of our breast tissue.” – Dianne Wist

The first step to good breast health is having an intimate relationship with your breasts. Since the person themself catches most breast abnormalities, you are in a powerful position to protect them.

In my practice, I see a lot of women with breast pain for various reasons, from hormone replacement to premenstrual syndrome. It can range from mild discomfort to pain that’s interrupting their lives, and it’s not something you should be forced to live with.

Today, I’m joined by Dianne Wist, CEO of Violet, a unique, patented breast health supplement that relieves monthly breast discomfort and tenderness. As a physician, I prefer heavily research-backed products that focus on what they do well instead of trying to throw in everything but the kitchen sink. That’s one of the main reasons I recommend Violet so much to my patients.

In this conversation, Dianne and I discuss why many women experience breast discomfort, the need for women to have increased awareness around breast health, the benefits of Violet, the importance of regular breast exams, how you can better support your breast health, and more. Enjoy the episode!

Episode Highlights
-The research behind Violet and its proven track record
-The connection between iodine deficiency and breast tenderness
-Why iodine is essential for hormone function and overall health
-Use cases of Violet for a variety of women’s health issues
-Challenges with obtaining adequate iodine levels through diet alone
-Why molecular iodine is preferred over other forms
-Groups of people who are at higher risk of iodine deficiency
-Recommended use of Violet for cyclical breast pain
-The relationship between hormone replacement and breast tenderness
-Violet as a solution for breast tenderness for hormone replacement patients
-The role of selenium in Violet
-Recommendations for people with thyroid conditions
-The company and team behind Violet
-Improving your breast health awareness
-Why self-examination is crucial

Connect with Dianne Wist & Violet
Violet on Instagram | @Violetdailypill
Dianne Wist on Instagram | @Diannewist
Violet Website | VioletDaily.com

This episode is sponsored by Violet
Breast tenderness is one of the most common complaints women have when just starting hormone replacement.
Violet is a unique, patented breast health supplement that gives you relief from monthly breast discomfort and tenderness. Violet doesn’t just mask the discomfort temporarily, it actually promotes better breast health over time.
Their clinical trials have shown that 74% of women experience significant improvement in their breast discomfort after taking Violet for 60 days. It’s a great product that I use a lot in my practice and I recommend you check it out. Visit VioletDaily.com and use my code DrT to get 10% off today.

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