EP 33: Thyroid Nation with McCall McPherson

The thyroid gland is a contentious topic in the medical community.

In my practice, I’ve seen so many women with debilitating symptoms dismissed by doctors only interested in checking TSH levels and sending them on their way. It’s a common theme.

Clinicians react from a place of defensiveness, not wanting anyone to question their authority. With the latest research pushing for TSH ranges to be expanded, it seems like the medical field truly under-appreciates the severity of symptoms of hypothyroidism and the massive impact it can have on the quality of life.

Today I’m joined by my friend and colleague, McCall McPherson, PA, to discuss the issues many women with thyroid problems experience. She’s the creator of Thyroid Nation and an authority on all things thyroid. After suffering from the mismanagement of her hypothyroidism, McCall lives, breathes, and thrives in understanding the nuances of proper thyroid care.

In this conversation, we talk about why most medical providers aren’t doing enough for thyroid patients, misconceptions about weight loss, everything you need to know about thyroid testing, dietary and supplement recommendations, and more.

Despite what you may have been told, none of this is in your head. With the proper guidance, these issues are controllable and fixable. Enjoy the episode!

About McCall McPherson
McCall McPherson is the founder of Modern Thyroid Clinic, a thyroid-centered functional medicine practice in Austin, Texas, and the now owner and Chief-Thyroid-Hope-Giver of Thyroid Nation.

She is a physician assistant, and her philosophy is simple: There is no reason to still have thyroid symptoms. She spends her time helping to make it so by giving her patients their lives back while teaching and advocating for the other millions suffering who aren’t her patients.

Episode Highlights
-McCall’s thyroid story and her journey to advocacy
-Why most medical providers aren’t doing enough for thyroid patients
-Misconceptions about weight loss from optimizing your thyroid
-Why we’re excited about the possibilities offered by GLP-1 agonists
-What you need to know about thyroid testing
-McCall’s response to elevated thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOA)
-Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) for Hashimoto’s and Graves’ Disease
-Basic dietary and supplement recommendations for those with autoimmune disease
-McCall’s highly individualized approach to medications
-Thyroid Nation advocacy group
-McCall’s Confession as a patient and a provider

Connect with McCall McPherson
McCall McPherson on TikTok | @McCallMcPherson
Thyroid Nation Website | ThyroidNation.com
Thyroid Nation on Instagram | @ThyroidNation
Thyroid Nation on Facebook | @Thyroidnation1

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