EP 19: Magic and Medicinal Mushrooms with Mason Taylor of SuperFeast

Medicinal mushrooms are a fantastic tool for mitigating risk and cultivating health.

From Reishi to Tremella, Lion’s Mane, and beyond, the Western world is finally waking up to the magic and medicine of mushrooms. With that increasing popularity, more and more research is being conducted that confirms what ancient traditions have long known about the medicinal benefits of mushrooms.

Today I’m joined by mushroom expert Mason Taylor to guide us through what you need to know about getting started with medicinal mushrooms. Mason is the founder and CEO of SuperFeast. In this conversation, we talk about Taoist tonic herbalism, why it matters how your mushroom formulations are sourced, SuperFeast’s sustainable approach to cultivation, the various health benefits of different types of mushrooms, and more.

I’ve been using SuperFeast mushrooms in my coffee every morning for a couple of years now, and I would highly recommend them. With the wide-ranging benefits of carefully sourced mushrooms, I consider them a highly underutilized form of medicine from which almost everyone could benefit.

About Mason Taylor
Mason Taylor is the CEO and Founder of SuperFeast. He is the creative juice running through the veins of SuperFeast HQ. The dreamer, weaver, educator, and creator. He’s a wellness educator, co-host of the SuperFeast podcast, professional speaker, and retreat facilitator.

In 2011, Mason Taylor’s passion for health and his quest for access to the world’s best supplements, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms led to the creation of SuperFeast. From humble beginnings in his mum’s garage, SuperFeast has grown into Australia’s leading supplier of Di Dao tonic herbs and mushrooms. We take great pride in our sourcing, our team and our community, and our wider contribution. We believe passionately that a business is an ecosystem, and we always want to leave those we meet and the places we visit or source from better than we found them.

Episode Highlights
-Why Mason was drawn to the magic of Taoist tonic herbalism
-The Three Treasures: Jing, Qi, and Shen
-Transformation through medicinal mushrooms
-How herbalism empowers the individual to keep themselves healthy
-Two approaches to getting started with medicinal mushrooms
-There are so many protective effects that everyone can benefit from mushrooms
-Why Mason created SuperFeast
-The importance of Di Dao mushrooms and herbs and why SuperFeast sources from China
-The true magic of mushrooms
-The exploding popularity of Reishi and Lion’s Mane
-Health benefits of Reishi
-Mushrooms for women’s hormones
-How you can learn more and try SuperFeast
-Mason’s confession

Connect with Mason Taylor & SuperFeast
Mason Taylor on Instagram @MasonJTaylor
SuperFeast’s Website | SuperFeast.com.au
SuperFeast on Instagram @SuperFeast

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