EP 2: Hormones 101 with Shawn Tassone MD PhD

Many women have a similar experience: you’re feeling like crap, but when you go to the doctor, you’re told everything is normal, and you’re fine.

Understanding your hormones is a critical foundation for advocating for yourself and being empowered when it comes to your health.

To start things off, this week is all about your hormones. I’m sharing the basics every woman needs to know about her hormones and some insights into what you can expect from upcoming episodes of this podcast.

Enjoy the episode!

Highlights of the episode
-What I’m looking for when testing estrogen levels

-Busting common estrogen myths

-Symptoms of high and low estradiol levels

-Why progesterone’s effects are higher in the second half of your menstrual cycle

-Benefits and therapeutic uses of progesterone

-Why women aren’t often treated with testosterone

-The role of testosterone in women

-Why you need to test specifically for free testosterone

-The connection between dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), estrogen and testosterone

-The critical importance of thyroid hormone

-Why it’s not enough to test for TSH

-How FSH and LH directly affect ovulation

-The many functions of cortisol

-Understanding “The Saboteur” archetype from The Hormone Balance Bible

-Dr. T’s Confession

This week’s challenge: Find out your Hormonal Archetype

Blog Post | The Pitfalls of Pellets

The Hormone Balance Bible: A Holistic Plan to Create Lifelong Health

Hormonal Archetype Quiz

This podcast and website represent the opinions of Dr. Shawn Tassone and his guests. The content here should not be taken as medical advice and is for informational purposes only. Because each person is so unique, please consult your health care professional for any medical questions.

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