Essure Consultation Red Flags

You know that warm sense of relief you feel after walking into a doctor’s office to discuss your health concerns and you feel like the physician genuinely cared or understood your concern? How about when you told them you had Essure and you thought it was the cause of your chronic pelvic pain?

I know you’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true, because if you’re anything like the women I see in my office then you’ve been experiencing the exact opposite.

As discouraging as a bad Essure consultation might be, the physician is actually doing you a favor in the long run. Believe it or not- it could be worse. There are many physician’s offering removals who truly have no idea how to properly remove them, putting women at risk for additional health problems. Each week I see women who have trusted these physicians and then have to come into my office and prepare themselves for a second surgery because the first procedure caused them more problems than they had before.

I want to help you avoid wasting your time, so here are my top four red flags to look for when consulting with a physician to have Essure removed.

1. Convincing a Physician – First and foremost if you are experiencing symptoms potentially related to Essure such as chronic pelvic pain, heavy bleeding, hair loss, fatigue, severe menstrual cramps, etc then you should not have to convince the physician that your problems are related to Essure. The physician should be understanding and willing to help you.

2. Knowledge of the Physician – The internet has made it easy for us to research anything and everything, so I am sure that once you started to put two and two together that your problems started after Essure placement you began your research. It should be a major red flag to you if you feel like you know more about the Essure coils than the physician you’re consulting with.

3. Asking Physician Questions – During a consultation you should feel comfortable asking questions about the process of removal, what your options for removal are, the physician’s experience, or anything else that may come to mind. The physician should also feel comfortable answering these questions and never make you feel stupid for asking them.

4. Convenience is NOT Key – You shouldn’t take a chance when it comes to your health. If you feel any sense of doubt then I encourage you to speak to another physician until you walk out of the consultation with the sense of relief you’re looking for. It’s important for you to know the closest physician is not always the best approach, especially if you want to ensure that you will have the procedure done properly the first time.

If you have consulted with a physician and had any of these red flags come up, I encourage you to find another physician. I would love to talk to you and help you get your life back even if you aren’t local to my clinic in Austin, TX. Remember that you are making an important decision when it comes to your health. You shouldn’t settle for someone who you don’t think is qualified, especially if you are wanting to walk out of the surgery with a new outlook on a better, pain free life. There are always options! You can schedule a virtual consultation with me or call my office in Austin, TX at 512-956-0296 for my in office availability.

You can have a life after Essure and feel like you again and I am here to make these dreams a reality!

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